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Its hard being different

The GazettE :D
OMG, the GazettE THE DECADE LIVE DVD is going to be released on January 9th!!!!! (THATS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!) OMG OMG, I'm so happy! >.< *cheers* (Its my actual birthday lol)

Journal Themes
Does anyone know of some awesome journal themes for anyone who doesn't have a paid accound? Also does anyone know of someone who can make a journal theme that allows me but a picture as a header? I have know idea how to do that! ( Kind of like the one on Idlybaset's journal.(Did I spell her username right?) Its a GazettE picture.) I would kill to have a kickass journal theme like hers!

Japanese things and music
Yesterday, as I was sitting down listening to Episode 0 by Gackt, I happened to come upon a certain part in the song that I like. Its the part in the song where Gackt heightns up his vocals to sound like a woman. I had sat down with my mom and let her listen to the song to see if she could see if it was Gackt singing (she likes his music too) and not a woman. I had sat down and told her that it was not a woman and told her how and why I thought Gackt had did that and why I thought it was cool for him to do that.

She liked my explaining and now she likes Gackt even more.

Anyways yesterday, I had asked my sister to listen to that part like I did with my mom. She said it was a woman and asked if it really was. I didn't want to lie and tell her yes so I said no.

What she said next kind of made me angry. She looked me staright in the eye and told me that's that's gay. I was really offened because I thought that if I could respect her music, she would respect the choices in my music and what artists I listen to. Now I don't think so. But, even so, we all do have the right to make an opinion, but it still offened me.

I hope you guys out there had a better day than I did. Boy, it sure is hard having different tastes in things. (Shoot, I'm pretty sure if she's allowed to like Camila I think its okay for me to like The GazettE.)

Happy Birthday, Gackt!

I know its a week early, but considering I most likely won't be on here on July 4th, happy 39th birthday Gackt! I wish you luck, happiness, and success in the years to come! KEEP ON ROCKIN!!

In Japanese: 私はそれが早いが、知っている幸せな誕生日Gacktの!私はあなたに来て多くの年の幸運、幸福、成功を祈ります!ロックンロールにしてください!

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Poll #1814995 Who do you like of The GazettE?

Who do you like of The GazettE?


Gackt, and YFC concerts
Hey has anyone here been to a Gackt or YFC concert? If so how does it go and was it fun?


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